Storage Divider

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Product Superiority

The partition modules can be combined freely, and the storage habit can be adjusted at will, which can easily meet the user's storage space and the needs of different families.

Recommended application

Storage Divider can be used for kitchen cabinet and wardrobe etc.. Especially good for the under-lighted bedroom, utility room and cloakroom etc..

Size of Product:

Storage Divider (4)

Product material

Storage Divider : Glass, Cold-rolled steel, Zinc plated aluminum

Manufacturing Process

Storage Divider’s manufacturing process:

rolling depression- punching press- spray painting-assembling-packing

Product Components

Storage Divider’s components:

Front connector, LED light bar,

A pair of glass side plates,

A pair of full extension synchronize drawer slides with damping,

A pair of decorative covers

Product Packaging&Accessories

Storage Divider:

Internal packing:

3-layers brown paper carton individually packing with label.

Package includes: All the components and 1 set of users’ manual.

External packing:

5 layer brown paper carton packing with label.

Standard label:

Internal carton:  

Product Code: XXXXX

Product Size: XX mm

Finish: XXXXX

Quantity: XX Sets

External carton:

Product Name: XXXXX

Product Code: XXXXX

Product Size: XX mm

Finish: XXXXX

Quantity: XX Sets

Measurement: XX cm

N.W.:  XX kgs

G.W.:   XX kgs

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Product Certification

Garis’s Certificates

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Garis’s certificates

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2-Health and Safety Certificate-OHSAS-DZCC

Export case

Garis attended Exhibitions:

A、China Import and Export Fair

B、China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair

C、China (Shanghai) International Furniture Fair 

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